Teacher and School Support COVID-19 Grant (TSSC-19) Information

Eligible classroom teachers and school support staff have been identified and provided Form 5734 by November 9, 2020.  Anyone who has not received the certification form, Form 5734, via email from Deb Barry, Assistant Superintendent - Finance,  may appeal using the correct appeal form for their position available below.  The notification email also provided information on FTE calculation.  If you disagree with this calculation, you may appeal in writing by email to [email protected] by December 4, 2020.

Upon receipt of an appeal, we will review and return a statement in writing.  All documentation for appeals and written responses will be retained by the district for 7 years.

For information on the TSSC-19 grant, you may contact Deb Barry, Janine Blemberg, or Jenna Smith or access the website here:  TSSC-19 Website.

Instructional Staff Appeal Form

Support Staff Appeal Form